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Katja Update


Hope you're well! You might have noticed me (Katja) around church. I was on a wee holiday, but I'm staying on extra to volunteer with Compassion. The fun never stops! I'll be around the offices until Mon 15th July and I fly back home on Fri 19th Aug.

I left at the start of March and can't believe how the time has flown! I pray this update on the last season will encourage you to go for your dreams as well (which of course can be within CCV! :)

Last October, I described my dream job to God and said I'd love it be within a company like Philips. Based on experience I NEVER should get such a job, but I applied for them anyway. And... after 5 months and about 35 job applications, I had ZERO job prospects.

Yep, that felt great! But, I didn't worry as I knew God would provide the right job at the right time.

Then right after the conference, God provided me with 3 interviews on three consecutive days. The day after, I felt encouraged to choose my favourite. The other two options were shorter hours and less of a commute, but the dream job at Philips fitted in with several prophetic words and... simply made me most excited. So I went for my dream job at Philips. The other two companies declined, but... Philips continued.

Just to clarify: from the job requirements, it was painfully obvious that I did not qualify to be interviewed except general stuff like 'speaks Dutch and English'. Yet, I was invited to 3 rounds of interviews, one of which included preparing 3 large case studies within a day and a half. In the end, 3 managers had to give their okay and... one said NO. But the main hiring manager went over his head to the Vice President and... hired me anyway.

God totally provided this opportunity, but He also asked me to work alongside Him where I was able (e.g. I did have to work until 4am to get those case studies done). And... He broke through any resistance I could not (e.g. the manager who had decided I would not be hired even before he met me).

I'll start my new job with Philips on the 29th August. The simple job explanation: I will be a project leader. The full explanation: I'll be a "Project Engineer for New Product Introductions", within the "Supply Chain department" of the business unit "X-Ray machines for soft tissue". So clearly very similar to here ;P And God's timing is perfect: my bank accounts will be down to zero by the time the first pay check is due to come in.

I ONLY dared to relentlessly pursue God, trust Him so completely, and feel so at peace, BECAUSE I have lived along you guys. So THANK YOU for modelling faithfulness and risk taking. And for contributing to my walk with God in the time that I lived in Northern Ireland - you have given me the courage and the faith to hold on throughout this season - and the next!

Then on a more practical note: Several people asked for my contact details. So in case you want them, they are below. If other staff or volunteers ask for them, please feel free to share them.

By far the best way is What'sApp. It is currently connected to my NI number 07596 775 764 but I will be transferring this to my Dutch mobile in the near future (i.e. when I know how to) - so you may want to save my Dutch mobile 0031 6 4595 2909.

Alternatively, you could use:

  • This email address
  • Dutch landline: 0031 135 715 383
  • Skype: katja.bruijninckx
    Monnickendamstraat 10
    5045 KP Tilburg
    The Netherlands

f you are thinking of visiting lovely Holland, you're always most welcome! David Kelly has actually already been to that area a few years ago and can testify that's really pretty :) And I'm about two hours drive from Amsterdam, Brussels or Ghent - and only an hour from Antwerp. So plenty of sightseeing options.

less you lots