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Missions Update

France team home safe and sound - had an amazing trip - will hear more soon.

Team in Idomeni doing well. Bit of a rough night last night as the military/police closed the unofficial camp as their were some riots and now they are not letting volunteers into the camp with 10000 individuals. They are trying to distribute these 10000 into military camps but not everyone wants to move therefore they are now not not letting food into the camp so that they become hungry and agree to move. 

Guys were bit discouraged but they got to go to another local camp of 2000 people and got this message from Karen…

“We have just come back from one of the smaller camps of approx 2000 people. We were giving out multivitamins & had incredible opportunities to chat & pray for folks. One lady was healed from a toothache (dental care here is non-existent & tooth decay is a big problem). Another was healed of back pain & another a broken & swollen foot! We ended the evening sharing a meal with a Kurdish rebel fighter & his family. Such a humbling experience. We are all exhausted but very conscious of Gods provision. The main camp remains closed following the fighting yesterday & they are not even allowing food in. Thanks again for all your support”

Diane text as well…

“Fantastic night. A day that started with car breakdown resulting in us being fairly unproductive for good part of the day ended up gloriously. I got to pray and see healing with 5 ladies from toothache, sore spine, sore arms, broken foot and sore back. Seeing the puzzled but delighted look on faces was the best part for me. One young man with us helping to translate was mesmerised and asked Paul “who is she? Is it magic? “ we were delighted to say “no magic just Jesus”. We aim to do more of this tomorrow.”

Love it.