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Jesus is Electrifying

Name: Mandy Forgrave

Subject: Jesus is electrifying!

Stories: I wanted to share a story of hope and transformation. I have been engaging weekly with a young man who recently came to faith . He had wanted me to meet with his fiancée and have a "wee chat" with her . This young lady struggles with a few issues and isn't great at talking about things but the young man thought that she might open up to me. She came to see me on Friday and we chatted about some things and she then started to open up about her various struggles. I was telling her about how Jesus could help her and bring hope into her life and I was then able to lead her to the Lord as she accepted Him into her heart. She immediately felt what she described as a surge of electricity going through her whole body and she said that she actually felt as if she was floating. She instantly felt a sense of peace and said that she actually felt different to when she came in.
I walked into church on Sunday evening and both of the wee couple were there. The young man said that there was such a difference in his fiancée that she was like a different girl. Infact the both of them looked so different and more alive. They said that their lives have been changed and it's AMAZING!!!!