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Staff Car Park Restrictions

Hi all,

As part of the NW200 event, we are looking forward to welcoming a group called TRO to the site next week.  They will be representing Vauxhall and preparing all the event vehicles for the riders and NW200 team. They will be using the staff carpark at the rear of the building to wash, add decals and park the fleet of vehicles in preparation for their collection.  They will also be using the church building for their lunch breaks and for handover of the cars towards the ends of the week.

For next week only, can I ask you not to use the staff car park but instead to park at the front of the church building.  For insurance purposes, we are dedicating the parking spaces for the NW200 vehicles only but there will be a walkway to allow pedestrian access to the back door entrance.

Thanks in advance for your help with this and please extend a special welcome to any of the team you see around the venue!

Cheers, Mark