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Breakfast Club Update by Tori

We continue to receive feedback from “The Breakfast Club, “ and are so happy to report that we had loads of outsiders in and insiders reached out by inviting their neighbours, friends and family. It was a morning of accelerated connections, salvations and healing and inspiration to live ABUNDANT lives.

From McKenzie: A lady came in the shop last week saying she is really excited about the breakfast and she wanted to meet me so she knew someone there and wouldn't feel alone. I didn't see her while I was there, but she came in the shop today and found me and said "Hey McKenzie, I've just become a Christian". Then she told me that when Elsa spoke at the breakfast it was like she was speaking directly to her and no one else. She said she struggles with anxiety and bipolar and just talking about her son, whom she had a falling out with, would send her into an anxiety attack. She said a social worker was talking to her about her son on Monday and she took 6 attacks in one day and wound up in the hospital, but when she gave her life to Jesus today, she felt all her anxiety leave. She said it felt like her heart has always been on the floor and shattered and that today it felt like for the first time it was picked up, put back together and placed back into her chest. She said Iif I would have known being a Christian felt this great I would have done it a long time ago". Her friend who came with her gave her life to Jesus too! She was in an abusive marriage for years and it gave her all sorts of ailments. She walked into church relying heavily on a cane, then left after giving her life to Jesus, dragging her cane behind her!

Message from a woman who attended the breakfast:
I just wanted to tell you what an amazing time I had at the Breakfast Club yesterday. I took the day off work to go, and boy did I make the most of it!!! I left so inspired and empowered. I fully intend to strive towards living a life less ordinary!

The breakfast was truly amazing. I sat at a table where I only knew one person, but we had great fun, and I left feeling I made new friends. I received prayer from the team, which as usual made me cry lol. Met a friend there that i had no idea was searching for the same thing I am. All in all, the BEST way to spend a morning. 

I started attending Vineyard about 7 months ago, and what it has done for me I could to start to explain in a message. Enough to say my life has made a 360 degree turn now I know the love of God and my church family. 

Long story short, Vineyard IS changing our community. I work with the public, and share what I have learnt at every opportunity

I have volunteered in H&G all through a mistaken pm, and have applied to do so again. I had so much fun!!

But most of all, thank you all so much. I've never felt so loved, unjudged and included. Xx