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Dear staff.

We are looking to see if there is any interest from CCV and VC staff in us setting up an employers for childcare scheme which would enable our staff to benefit from Childcare Vouchers.

Childcare Vouchers are a cost-saving employee benefit, available to all working parents throughout the UK. It is a Government scheme, implemented through the employer’s payroll. Parents can swap part of their salary to contribute towards their childcare costs. Each parent could save over £900 per year (or around £77 per month) because the amount they swap is deducted from their salary before tax and National Insurance is applied. 

This scheme is open to both mums and dads so you could double your savings. It is different from tax credits and vouchers are accepted by day nurseries, childminders, holiday schemes, afterschool clubs and breakfast clubs for children up to the age of 15, or 16 if registered disabled.

We would need to have a few staff interested to set this up so if you are, please let James Renwick (CCV) or David McCracken (VC) know.

Kind regards,


P.S. Find out more via this link.