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Hey Hey Team,

We are going to keep on going with our prayer times every morning at 9am in the Purple Room for another month. God is upto much in our community and prayer is only heating that!

Here is the new rota - blanks are the weekends! If you want to shift your day, it is your responsibility to swap with someone. If you are the departmental leader of the team noted and can't make it, can you ensure someone in your team is there leading and can you communicate this to your teams?

29th Feb - Danielle
1st Mar Compassion Team
2nd Mar Staff Breakfast
3rd Mar Nick and Keri
4th Mar Youth Team
5th Mar
6th Mar
7th Mar Michael S
8th Mar Compassion Team
9th Mar Tori
10th Mar Nick and Keri
11th Mar Neil
12th Mar
13th Mar
14th Mar PAIS Team
15th Mar Compassion Team
16th Mar Kids Team
17th Mar Mark P
18th Mar Ali
19th Mar
20th Mar
21st Mar Paul
22nd Mar Compassion Team
23rd Mar Alan
24th Mar James
25th Mar Lisette
26th Mar
27th Mar
28th Mar Paul
29th Mar Compassion Team
30th Mar Hayley
31st Mar Alan