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On Sunday at church as Nick was sharing his talk about freedom, God had given him a word about someone who had contemplated suicide the night before. A lady made herself known to Nick at the end of the service and said that she was the lady to whom God had given the word.
Nick had asked me to chat to the lady and also to get her some practicl help as well if needed.

I got chatting to the lady and was hearing her story of despair and all that was pulling her down in her life . I started to lead her in some prayers of renouncing lies that she was believing about herself and I got her to declare the truth of Gods word over her life and her situation. I asked her to ask God what lense she was seeing life through and she automatically said "everything looks black". I then got her to hand over that false lense and ask God what He would give her in exchange and He gave her " Hope" !

I could automatically see the difference in her , she even felt the difference as soon as God said the word to her. She said that she could feel 100% different and that she could actually feel as if she could breath again, it felt as if something had lifted off her. She was now no longer a slave, she was FREE !

She walked out a different lady than when she had come in. Nick took a risk and called out what God had spoken to Him about someone contemplating suicide, Jesus stepped in and set the lady free and he who the son sets free is FREE indeed !!

- From Mandy, Compassion