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Airport Prayer

Stephen Busteed was sitting in the airport, on their way back from their holiday. His wife and son were standing in the queue, while Stephen was sitting to the side. He noticed a woman approaching the seats who was limping quite strongly. As Stephen contemplated going over to her to offer to pray, he was very aware that he would have to share the plane with the people looking on and, to be totally honest, he didn't really want to be 'that person'... This emotion was contending with the feeling that he really wanted to pray with her... While he was still considering, he caught a glimpse of his son Josh walking away from his mum - Stephen initially assumed that Josh was coming towards his dad, but then Josh beelined for the woman. Josh kindly introduced himself, asked if she had hurt her foot and in no-time was on his knees praying for the woman! Stephen was left completely impressed with and challenged by how natural his son did all of this!