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10000 Hours

We are very excited to announce a new project that we will happen and run from Monday 26th October - Sunday 1st November this year.

It is called 10000 Hours and our aim is to give 10000 hours to serve our city and help rewrite the story. Through that week, we will paint schools, clean up areas, do gardens, do a range of practical work that will bring life across the North Coast ranging from people's houses, community parks and schools.

During the mid-term week, there will be a range of slots for our guys and our community to sign up to make a difference. A signup form online and a catalogue (like our Smallgroup one!) will be available the first week in Oct and we will promote it.

It will finish with a huge celebration on Sunday 1st Nov, as we share stories from the week an celebrate our city.

This we believe will be very significant! More details to follow as we are in the very early stages, but if there are key people you think we should include in this project, let James know ASAP.