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Karen Lindsay

Hi all,

I have an update on our staffing team. Karen Lindsay joined the Compassion admin team a few months ago on a temporary basis to help us out with the funding applications and to see if there would be a role that would entice her to stay. To our great loss, this has not happened which means that she will be wrapping up her 24h/w role in the week ending of 28 August. She might be staying on a few extra mornings to help with the transition towards the new Funding Officer who we hope to be recruiting in the next month or so; we'll keep you posted on her actual leaving date.

In the past few months, Karen has done an amazing job and she will be leaving our fundraising portfolio in excellent condition. Karen is very competent in understanding the complex funding requirements and in providing the administration needed, she has been reliable & trustworthy, and she is an excellent communicator. Karen has been willing to try the writing of applications but this doesn't bring her life and it wouldn't be possible for her to combine it with her pottery dream (do ask her about it - it's great!). I will will miss her 100% but wish her an abundance of success in her next venture!