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Destiny Island Stories

"I want to share what Father has done in me and my children thru DI15. 
So, it started out as a duty call for me, truth be told. I want my 4 children involved in children's church and that is why I signed up to help for 4 Sunday's over summer and DI. I felt/feel that as parents who are wanting to partner with children's church in our children's journey - we should be obligated to help. So i took my weeks holidays from work to do DI. But I get now that both you & Father don't want an obligated heart to serve our kids but a childlike one full of delight. 
I didn't enjoy the first morning in children's church or DI. BUT then Father did something in me. You see, at the start of summer I felt Father say He was going to restore the joy of my children and childhood joy to me this summer, after such a difficult year of my marriage ending. He has done that thru DI. I got to Day 3 and realised to my complete and utter astonishment that I was LOVING it. Just seeing my children in a Holy Spirit soaked atmosphere - amazing. To have the honour of praying with and prophesying over children - blew me away and interesting as I did I could see each of them as adults. To meet such incredible team members who blessed me and my children - amazing. To watch junior leaders serve so willingly - amazing. I now can't wait to serve in Allstars on Sunday. I want to learn from you and your team. I want to catch what you have so that I can bring that to my kids cos I feel overwhelmed at times in how to pass on faith and love of Jesus to them. 
We had the Treasure Hunt task. As we got into car we prayed. Immediately Alesha age 7 says God told me it's a skirt, Patrice says it red and Matthew says the lady has a sore leg or somewhere sore. We haven't yet found our red-skirted lady but I'm believing Father will bring her to us in His perfect timing. (We did get rather over-excited in McDonald's thinking we saw a red skirt only to discover it was the reflection of the fire extinguisher in the window) every day now Matthew says - we have to find the lady with the red skirt cos God wants us to" - Team Member

"Two weeks before DI, one of the team had an injury to her forearm that had caused damage to the bone and was manifesting in a large bruise that was growing daily. On the final day whilst going through the prayer tunnel, she asked some children to pray for healing. The following day she woke to find both the pain and the bruise gone!"