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Free £300

Do you come across people who could use £300?

Within Vineyard Compassion, we've had great success with posting request for financial support on a website called ACTS435:

Because they are pushing into the Northern Ireland market, they are currently making sure that we get 100% of the amounts requested for 100% of our requests! So it is GUARANTEED SUPPORT for the people you're connecting with! Happy days!
But please be wise to NOT PROMISE the money until it is in… And be aware that it usually takes 4-6 weeks to get the funds!

It can be used to help out with crisis situations like: benefit delays / sanctions, children in need, elderly people, emergency travel, heating, housing issues (incl. moving costs), ill health / disability, struggling with bills / debt, unemployment, and white goods / furniture expenses.

Each person can receive a maximum of £300 per year, though a max. of £100-120 per request applies. This can make a HUGE difference! As the person placing the requests, WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ASSESSING IF THE NEED IS GENUINE... So we do need to make sure that we know the person and their situation before we place a request.

To help you out, Steve Frazer would be happy to fill in all the forms, etc. Please contact him on the VC office number or on

- You (advocate) need permission from the person who it is for (applicant), BEFORE the request is put on
- You will need to provide feedback after the request on behalf of the applicant
- Per request, normally up to £100. Except if it can't be done for that amount, then it's £120 - but still a year max of £300!
- Where possible, first make use of existing services. e.g. Foodbank (food and other essentials), Wear House (clothing) or Restored Ministries (furniture). Contact the VC office if you're not sure how to use these!
- Normal practice is that the money is paid directly to the provider of the service. If you know the person well, we could pay it directly to the person; but you would need to be super comfortable that they will only spend it on the agreed purpose!
- Contact details for the applicant will be passed on to Mandy so that she can collaborate with you on supporting the person in question. This would hopefully lower barriers to long-term solutions/support such as CAP Debt Centre, Celebrate Recovery or the Money Management Course. If people would accept this support, it would mean that you can focus on what you already do so well!