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Church Letter

Dear Vineyard Family,

I am so excited to be launching our new series on the Kingdom at Work this weekend.

Many believers struggle to make the connection between their faith and the workplace. While some choose to compartmentalise and keep the two areas of life separate, others are simply confused as to how to live out faith at work.  The result is that many of us spend our days at work waiting for life to happen. Waiting for the end of the day, waiting for the weekend, waiting for our next holidays. 

What if life happened at work? What if in showing up at work you were learning to embrace life in its fullness? 

Jesus made an outrageous claim, He said, "I have come to give you life in all its fullness.”  If He is right, it must be possible to be fully engaged and fully alive in our place of employment. Our place of employment can become a place of fulfilment. With that in mind, during the month of March we want to help you to waken up to the kingdom at work. We want to help you….

do more than trade hours for pounds
connect the dots between your work and God’s world
see how your work makes a difference
turn your job into a joy
seize the power of every moment of your life
come alive at work
learn how God is already at work in your work
and bring back life to your workplace

We are thrilled that Martin Smith (formerly of the band Delirious) is joining us this Sunday 1st March to lead worship at both services. Martin is currently on tour. It’s a tour with a difference because he is not playing church venues. His sense is that the church needs to leave the building and engage the culture. It’s one reason why he was so keen to connect with us here at Vineyard. 

If you have never heard Martin before, you are in for a treat. If you have, you have probably already made plans to attend. It promises to be a morning not to be missed…but more than that its an opportunity; an opportunity to see the kingdom come in our companies, industries and workplaces. It’s an opportunity for you to partner with God in turning employment into enjoyment. 

Let’s make the most of this moment…

Thank you for being an incredible community who choose to do more than church; thank you for choosing to bring life to the city and to be part of seeing the kingdom at work.