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World Race Team

Hi Guys,

Over the past number of years we have been blessed to host a number of World Race Teams – they have been an incredible blessing to us as a church and we in turn have been able to equip them for their onward journey.

We have the sad news that they will not be able to join us this year and we wanted to let you know as soon as possible as you plan your year.  Since we had our last team in August past we became aware that there were some changes relating to visas and entry into the UK. We had some conversations with WRT and with those visa changes in mind, they have made us aware that they are no longer able to come to us as the cost would be too high.

They helped many of our departments throughout the year and it sad not to see them go however it is the right decision for us as we continue to host interns and other teams from all over the world.


James and Jonny