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Illuminate 2015


It’s been a couple of weeks now since we experienced Illuminate 2015: INHERITANCE together.

From the moment you walked through our doors into the trees and lights, we prayed that you would experience something of what we spoke of on that final night together: that just as the children of Narnia didn’t fully realise who they were or the authority and influence they carried until they entered Narnia and came to know Aslan, that you too would have had an experience and a depth of understanding about who YOU are and the authority in Jesus and influence in the Kingdom of God that YOU carry...that you would have deeper understanding of the fullness of your INHERITANCE in Him. 

We heard profound and inspiring teaching from both Rachel Gardner and Arianna Walker, experienced His supernatural presence in our ministry times and through the worship bands of Kathryn Scott and Joanne Hogg, heard book-worthy testimonies of the power of God at work in the lives of local women and had the privilege of attending exceptional seminars. 

Our “key” bracelets reminded us that we have already been given the key to the fullness of our INHERITANCE from the moment that we gave our hearts to Jesus. So we stood as one and gave our lives in abandon to the plans and purposes of our loving Saviour, a beautiful picture of women with one resolve: to live our lives for Him! Truly what a force we are as we ILLUMINATE His love on the earth at this time in history. 

Here are some quotes of a few women who attended Illuminate 2015:

“The conference really helped me realise that I can live a life fully with Jesus even in the midst of the everyday business of life”

“It helped me to step into more of what God has for me right now. It made me realise what I have in my hands and what I can actually use in my life right now for God and that can be something small or something more significant”

“…what was taught was so authentic, so applicable and so real, and with so much joy and humour that made it so connectable.”

“I was able to forgive myself and others and the crippling heaviness of grief left me after being agony for many years.”

“For the first time in my life I was able to lead a woman to Jesus! She was just sitting next to me, and it came so naturally…” 

And there are so so many more stories. We’d love to hear yours! If you’d like to share what God did in your life during Illuminate 2015, please email

Photos of the event have just been posted on our Facebook gallery:

And we are delighted to announce that mp3s of the main sessions and seminars are available to purchase online through this link:

We ended Illuminate 2015 with this thought and pray it over each of you now, that just as the children did not forget that they were actually Kings and Queens of Narnia, even when they went back through the wardrobe to their lives as children, we pray too that as you walked out through the trees and out of our doors into the reality of your everyday world, that you will never forget the significant things that God did in your life that November weekend and the INHERITANCE that is beautifully available to us all. 

We hope to see you next year at Illuminate 2016 (11-12 November ) with special guest Lysa Terkeurst. Ticket sales to begin at Encounter More 2016!

May we not forget who we are and the light that we carry!

Tori Sheppard
Director of Women’s Ministry

And the Illuminate Conference Team:
Andrea Pavey, Joanne Norris, Elaine Chestnutt, June Lorimer, Fiona Wallace, Noreen Elder, Elsa Mclennan and Cherith Patterson