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Story from Mandy

 I wanted to share a story of how Gods timing and also provision is so perfect!
I would never usually be in town during work but last Friday quite unexpectedly and unplanned, I was called to a meeting which was in the town centre.

On my way to the venue, I literally bumped into a lady who was standing in the middle of the pathway along with a heavily pregnant younger girl. I recognised her as a Polish lady who had previously received help from Compassion. I stopped to ask how she was doing and she had said that she was looking for the Citizens Advice Bureau as she was needing advice for her daughter who had not long arrived in the country. She told me that they had been pricing baby items in a local baby shop but the price was way out of their means and that they didn't know what they were going to do. I said that we could help as we had some baby items in our warehouse and she could come up to have a look. 

I came back to work after my meeting and looked out everything that she would need for the arrival of her daughters baby.I phoned her later on to arrange to come and take a look at the items and she was so overwhelmed at how we could help her.
She said that she had been praying that morning and also the day before and she asked God if He could get them help with baby stuff as they didn't know how else they could ever afford to get it. She said that she knew it was God who had set it all up and how I just happened to be there at the right time and the right place and how God had heard and answered her prayer as He provided them with the help that they needed.