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God in Currys

Don't know if you heard this story or not.......

I have just left Currys  in the retail park, and I was talking to the sales assistant and upon asking where I worked she went on to tell me about a young "bearded" chap who came into the shop one day.

She said that she has trouble with her feet and she was having a particularly bad day and that it was written all over her face the pain she was in. She said a young man came over to ask if she was ok as she didn't look well and she told him that she was about to go home for the day as she couldn't stand the pain any longer. The young man asked if he could pray for her to which she replied " son, you can do what you like if it takes this pain away, I am in agony"!!

The young man prayed and the lady said that she could feel heat all down her one side and that instantly the pain went and she could literally run to the other side of the shop.

She asked if he was a faith healer to which he replied that he was a believer in Jesus and he was able to tell her he went to Vineyard. 

She was so excited by what had happened that she called her colleague over whom she knew had a bad back / knee ? , and she got the young chap to pray for her colleague who didn't "believe  in God or any of this stuff" but he too was instantly healed!

The lady's colleague asked the young man what he had done as he couldn't take in what had just happened, but he was convinced that it was the young man who had healed him!

The lady however believed in God and is still as excited about her healing and she told me that she has never felt better since that day that the young chap prayed with her.

Isn't that a great story!