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Vineyard Family

Dear Vineyard Family,

We are so excited with all that is happening at Vineyard at the moment.  And its not just our community here at Causeway Coast Vineyard. God is moving all over our movement…bringing new life everywhere you look. 

Significant transition in the leadership of our wider Vineyard family.
With that in mind, I wanted to make you aware of a significant transition in the leadership of our wider Vineyard family. Our much loved John & Ele Mumford are handing over the reigns of the Vineyard family in the UK to our dear friends John & Debby WrightThis will enable John & Ele to increasingly engage with our ever expanding global Vineyard family

It has become apparent that the Vineyard is growing rapidly internationally and a new role is emerging for John & Eleanor; a role that allows them to use their experience and knowledge to help progress the growth and development of the Vineyard globally. Simultaneously, they have felt that God has spoken to them about having achieved what He intended them to do in the UK & Ireland and it being the right time to transition their existing role. 

John & Debby are ideal successors for the UK & Ireland and take on an established movement which is on a very strong footing. As well as having a proven track record of leadership, they are visionaries, and gifted communicators. John & Debby will continue will continue to lead Trent Vineyard, dividing their time and energies equally between the local church and the national movement.

If you are curious and would like to know more, you can find more details 

Still time to connect in Vineyard Smallgroups
We are absolutely delighted that over 600 of you have already made the decision to connect with one of our 69 groups. We truly want to create community where nobody stands alone. 

If you are not yet signed up for small group please know that we completely understand that life is full, occasionally crisis hits and there may be several reasons for not connecting. Indeed it’s one reason we have ten week terms because there are life seasons and moments where it is more difficult to create space. 

While we don’t want you to feel any pressure, we do want you to experience fulness of favour. With that in mind can I take this one last time to encourage you with 3 great reasons to connect….

1. Friendship
2. Fun
3. Growth

There are still plenty of spaces left in the various types of groups and you can sign up today online at …

Start February with Prayer & Fasting
Finally I would love to invite you to join our leaders in prayer and fasting at the beginning of this month.

Fasting is simply abstaining from food for a spiritual purpose. You might skip one meal for a few days, or all meals for one day. One day, several days, some food, all food - the details are not as important as your heart’s desire and your decision to fast. Would you consider beginning this month praying and fasting for our relationships and for our evening service?

This month we are fasting specifically for our evening service. We are praying that God would fill it with His presence. He would use it to bring people to Him. It would be a gathering where hearts are transformed and where the supernatural is normal. 

We sense that God is up to something special and we believe the best is yet to come, yet we know we can’t make any of it happen. We can however, position our lives, pour out prayers and invite God to do what He alone can do. I believe as we fast together we will witness fresh breakthrough in our lives, our church and our community. 

So if you would like to see what God can do…you can sign up to fast here -

It’s an honour to serve with you in bringing life to our community,