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Leadership Development

Hey guys,

What an honour it is to serve alongside you in the journey of leading the community into life.

It is amazing and remarkable what God is doing among us and the way His story is unfolding. 

Just this week I heard from Tom (who is 84 years old) that he has continued going out on the streets every Thursday with Ian and together they have led 37 people to Jesus in the last few months.  

At the end of the service on Sunday, a young man approached me and asked if I would consider taking him with me on some trips this year. I immediately answered yes because I had noticed for some time that God had given him some leadership gifts that needed developed. One of the primary tasks of leaders is the development of other leaders; learning to recognise those around us whom God is raising up. 

While our hands are busy we want to keep our eyes open for those folks who have leadership potential within the Vineyard. With that in mind, can I ask you: who are you noticing? Who do you see the Father on and what next steps can you take to begin developing them this year. It may be another staff member, an intern, a young person or an older person like Tom. Take the time now to write their names down, send their names to James and then invite them into relationship so you can invest in them

One other question you might want to ask this year is: what am I going to do to develop as a leader? As you know every leader is a reader constantly looking beyond themselves, building new relationships, acquiring new skills, exploring fresh thinking. This year read whatever you have to read, go wherever you have to go, do whatever you have to do to develop as a leader.

May God-the-Generous grace us with favour and multiplication.