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Telephone System - Updates

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to highlight the Manual on the portal (in Documents) that gives you all the basic functions for the telephone system. I did however want to draw particular attention to the first paragraph – copied below:

Basic instructions
·         Making outbound calls – dial “9” followed by the number you want to call and then press “ # send” button e.g 907835174591#
·         Dial international numbers – use prefix 8 instead of 9
·         Dial emergency numbers e.g. 999 or 101 use prefix 8 instead of 9

NOTE – We have a SIM card installed in the telephone system meaning the first call being made from the church will go out on that number – 07507555867.  Please save this number to you mobile contact for the church office and advise your staff, interns and regular volunteers to do the same. If someone calls back on this number they will be routed to our normal “Welcome to Causeway Coast Vineyard” greeting.