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Request for Reimbursement

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know of some changes around what we referred to as ‘Staff Expenses’. They have now been renamed ‘Request for reimbursement'. This is a more accurate description and avoids all sorts of questions by HMRC around what might be considered as a ‘benefit in kind’.

The procedures and claim forms are now available on the portal. Please take time to read the procedures and make yourself familiar with the new layout of the forms as there have been a number of changes.

Please print your form directly from the portal to request reimbursement or mileage and complete manually.

Please destroy any hard copies of old forms you might have as they are no longer valid. Claims that have been made in the past number of days will of course be honoured, but if you could use the new forms with immediate effect that would be amazing!

The forms on the portal do not include Compassion Ministry. Please speak to their finance department directly for guidance. If you have read this information and you would like a caramel freddo, please see Ops before 12pm Tuesday who would love to reward you for reading portal information thoroughly. 

Thanks so much for your cooperation.