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Office Move Update

Hi everyone!

Hope you had the best weekend – how fab is the weather right now!!??

I just wanted to give you all a wee update on our progress and thank you for your continuing patience as we pull  the final stages together over the coming days and weeks.

·  We are operating from the new offices w.e.f today 30 June

·  Notices have been placed in the old office to direct deliveries and non-compassion visitors to the new office

·  We are awaiting additional signage for both the existing sign at the gate as well as a one for the new building to direct people to the ‘Reception’

· The franking machine is in situ here, so ALL post should be with us for 3pm each day

· ALL pigeon holes are here in the office so please make sure you come collect your mail each day

Some additional housekeeping for staff using the new offices:

·  Please use the coffee kitchen only. The main or children’s kitchen should not be used during office hours by staff

· Mugs are coloured according to department : Purple – Operations, Orange – Kids, Turquoise – Youth, White – visitors (I am sad I know!!)

· Please only put paper rubbish in the bins - please put waste food or used food wrappers in the kitchen bin

Can I also remind you all please do not leave work on your desk overnight/over the weekend – mainly for security/data protection reasons.

It will take a wee bit of time before we are fully in to a normal pattern so please bear with us during this period.

Please ask the team if you need to know anything specific to your ministry that I haven’t covered.

We will keep you up to date with the progress – but thanks again for your understanding!