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Pizza with the Pastors

Hi amazing people,

I have a new newcomer event would love to tell you about so you can be highlighting it to any newcomers you come across in the different environments you are connecting in.

At the end of July I am going to try out a new addition to events that newcomers can connect with.

We have our newcomer connection café every Sunday after both services which is working brilliantly, keep pointing newcomers there on a Sunday.   We are now also going to invite/encourage newcomers we connect with in anyway, to come to Pizza with the pastors on the last Sunday every month at 1pm in the boardroom.  Our first pizza with the pastors will be on Sunday 27th JULY. 

This will be a very socially based connection gathering, pastors chatting and mingling with newcomers.  To follow on from this event, if people really want to explore in more depth connecting with CCV family we will connect  them with the termly newcomer small group sessions.

I have business cards to advertise this event, if you would find it useful to have some let me know.

Blessings and pizza to you!!