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Very Important Announcement

Well...not really!

Just wanting to make sure we are regularly visiting the Staff Portal to keep up to date with events and news items. We see this portal as a key place for communication and a place to share the amazing stories of what God is doing across CCV, so let us set this page as our homepage and regularly check it out what is on here. Whilst you are here....

Can you share a story on the portal of what God is doing through your area?

Also, are you booked for Encounter More? Is your spouse or friend?

Use the Code "ccvstaff" to get your free ticket - you will need to book your spouse/friend separately using code "ccvstaff2014".

We have sold over 500 Full Conference Tickets and over 100 Day/Evening Passes, it is set to be a busy one so make sure you book today so we know definite numbers!