SG Story

"At the end of the night it was really encouraging to see the youngest man in our group being encouraged by another man as we were leaving. The same young man was then encouraged by the actions of a different man from the group when he asked for some advice about his car. Eventually there were just 3 of us left in the Church carpark. The young man, another of the men from the group and me. 

We spoke for a short time and then the young man, who I was sure wasn't yet a Christian, remarked about the uncertainty of the direction of his life. I told him that the only important thing about the future was to make sure Jesus was in it. I put my hand on his shoulder and asked him if he would like me to say a prayer with him to ask Jesus into his life. He said yes and my heart leaped with joy. There in the Church carpark, late on a cold bitter night I had the privilege of leading the young man to Jesus."