Week 2

Hey Hey,

Hope you all had a fantastic first group time together last week! 

We are already beginning to hear some exciting feedback and some exceptional stories from various groups.

Just a reminder that the closing date for anyone signing up for group is Sunday 22nd February. So keep on inviting

"The No Show's"

I would encourage you this week to follow up with the sign-ups who didn't show last week. There could be different reasons why they didn't show however a wee phone call could encourage them to come along. We want to make sure we have done everything we can to invite our sign ups and make sure no one is left behind in this journey.

"The Show's who didn't sign up"

I know there were some groups who had people show at their group who didn't sign up online or at Church. Even if you are full or even if they are part of another group, could you still email me their names as it is vitally important for us to see who is connecting in a smallgroup at Vineyard. 

We are praying for you this week,



P.S. Not long now until the launch of our Evening Service. Can you remind people at group? 6.30pm this Sunday night with Mike Pilavachi, it is set to be an exceptional night!